Agave - Farm Home

Regione Gutierrez, Podere 10 - Alghero (07041) - Italia

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The 'Agave' farmstead possesses 18 hectares of grounds where vegetables, fruit trees and olive-groves are cultivated and pigs, chicken, geese, guinea-fowl, rabbits and goats are bred.We are situated on The Coral Coast: 10km from Alghero, the folkloristic town known for its Catalan origins, only 7 Km from the Alghero airport and 3 Km from the nearest beach. The roads are easily viable. It is essential to rent a car or a motorbike directly from the airport. We are very close to the sea (4,5km) and the well renowned Caribbean like beaches of Alghero,which are; the Bombarde, Lazzaretto, Tramariglio, Porticciolo, Porto Ferro and many more unknown but never the less, splendid beaches. We are close to Stintino and the Island of Asinara, the famous Naturalistic park which opened only 8 years ago to tourists, where it is possible to immerse oneself in an uncontaminated natural wilderness, considering that on the whole island there are only two custodians and the free roaming animals; wild boar, fox, hares, partridges and the unique Sardinian White donkeys, etc. Tourist destinations to be visited in our vicinity are the Cape Caccia Park, the Neptune Caves and the archaeological sites eg. the 'Domus de Janas' the Palmavera Nuraghe, (bronze age sites) the Necropolis of Anghelo Ruju, burial site, the Roman Ruins. Alghero is very well known and appreciated for its wines from the wine cellars of Sella & Mosca and Santa Maria la Palma.


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